This seems to be my problem, according to my chef. Mayonnaise and periods do not mix. Like oil and water.

Me: Dammit I f***ed up the aioli

My Catalan (male) chef: Do you have your cycle?

Me: Actually, yes

Chef: That's why you f***ed up the aioli.

We all started back to work today after a few weeks of being closed for the summer (yes, this is Europe, and even more importantly, France). It was great to see everyone again after the break and everyone seemed in much higher spirits than when our bedraggled bodies staggered out at the start of the holidays. I have "mastered" a Spanish technique for making aioli that another colleague still has trouble with, so the Spanish (if he asks I said Catalan) chef confidently asked me to take care of this particular preparation.

The laughter was nearly bursting out of me when his response was that I had messed it up because of my period. This HAD to go public. Have you ever heard a more crazy theory in your life? (Well, ok, I have but this one is still pretty good). When informed that his thought process had been put into cyberspace, his reply was, "But it's true!" This coming from a chef with female only staff and who often inquires about our "stuff".

Since he often seems to have this particular subject on his mind, I can't tell if his statement last night was directly linked to the European myth that women cannot make mayonnaise on their period or if it was just his usual, "Tu as tes trucs?"…

There are some strange thoughts running about in European male minds.