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Exclusive: Jezebel's Bobby Finger is not Bobby Trendy

Up until today, the snappiness of Bobby Finger’s name had led me to consider that he may have been that guy that was on the Anna Nicole Smith Show.


This morning, upon checking Jezebel there was a new story authored by Bobby Finger that sounded far too intelligible to have come from such a purveyor of pink puffed taffeta. I finally googled “Bobby Finger” and then “Anna Nicole Smith Bobby.”



Bobby Finger

The horse answer is that of course Bobby Finger is not Bobby Trendy. Look at all of the compounding evidence from the google image search I just did.

In the interest of unbiased journalism though, I must include a second side to the story.


The luxurious zebra answer is that while it would definitely appear that Finger is, “Less lustful,” and seems to be able to string sentences together much more proficiently than Trendy, some questions do remain.

You will notice that Finger is wearing pink, a signature color of Trendy’s. Finger is also wearing glasses, a telltale sign of hiding a secret identity. It is entirely possible that by removing Finger’s glasses, dying his hair three times and adding a quick two hour trip to Sephora, Finger and Trendy could become twins, that is, if you could get them together in the same place at the same time.


Without such definitive proof, and since the character Dr. House always said it was the horse and not the zebra, we will say, for now, that Jezebel’s Bobby Finger is not Bobby Trendy. Also, it's not Lupus.

Calls for comment to Bobby Finger and Bobby Trendy were not returned, because I didn’t call them.

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