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Except legally. Here is the story of Kerry Max Cook, who after a decade two decades in prison for rape and murder, agreed to plead no contest in exchange for immediate release on the eve of his fourth trial. Shortly afterward, DNA results showed that semen left at the scene was not his.

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Prosecutorial misconduct was blatant and acknowledged in court. All evidence against him was manufactured, and exonerating evidence was withheld or "lost". Yet he is still legally a felon and cannot seek repairative justice. There will be no repercussions for those who falsely imprisoned him.

This was the same "deal" taken by the West Memphis Three. EDIT: They actually plead guilty in exchange for their release, whereas Cook pleaded no contest. In other words, they technically admitted guilt while he did not. CORRECTION to the edit: The did plead guilty but did not admit guilt in a very particular kind of plea called an Alford plea. Their plea acknowledged that the state had enough evidence to convict them, but they nonetheless were able to assert their innocence.

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