No Thanks

It has been a while since I have written anything and there is a reason for that. A couple reasons. I still lack motivation and am constantly exhausted. I lay on the sofa most of the day watching television. I have at least gotten to where I will get up myself to get drinks or snacks instead of letting my parents do it, but that is about it.

The eyes have it

I’ve spoken to my surgeon and neuro opthamologist and both have said we need to wait six to eight months before we do some corrective surgery. First will be a surgery to correct the shape of my eye and eyelid and possibly work on my eyebrow. The second surgery will fix my eye to tighten the muscles and solve my double vision problem. It is possible this could correct itself, so I will be checked every six weeks to see if there is progress.

It has now been five weeks since surgery and my eye is probably shaped how it will be for at least the next six months.

So this is me now. For now at least I am in a world of pajamas and baby shampoo. And neck pain. And stabbing ant bite feelings on my eyebrow. And a Seroma on my forehead that is filled with fluid which makes a squishy sound when you touch it. And pinching pains constantly all over my incision. Me.