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Written in Ink
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Exploring Our Bodies


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Hiccups are the result of spasms of the diaphragm. These spasms cause us to take a short breath that is interrupted by the closing of the epiglottis.

So, that's the science. But here's some weird stuff:

  • We hiccup in the womb
  • Women hiccup more in the first two weeks of their menstrual cycle
  • Men are more likely to develop long term hiccups than women
  • Jennifer Mee (pictured above), a teen famous for having chronic hiccups who appeared on several national news networks to discuss her life, is currently on trial for first degree murder for allegedly luring a 22 year old man to a vacant home where he was robbed and shot.
  • Tons of fun patents have been filed for hiccup cures, but my favorite is for the Hic Cup, which provides the user with a small electric shock while drinking.

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