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Famous Writer: Stop Teaching Algebra II

Nicholson Baker, famous writer and noted dickbag about libraries changing from anything but paper-based formats, has come out and said what every sophomore in high school as been saying since, like, before ever! So he went around and asked Math people if they agreed. Some did. Here's a great quote:

Baker agrees that less is more. He proposes “a new, one-year teaser course for ninth graders, which would briefly cover a few techniques of algebraic manipulation, some mind stretching geometric proofs, some nifty things about parabolas and conic sections, and even perhaps a soft-core hint of the infinitesimal, change-explaining powers of calculus. Throw in some scatter plots and data analysis, a touch of mathematical logic, and several representative topics in math history and math appreciation.”

Trust me, Nicholson: if you can't get kids interested in war history you aren't gonna excite them about math history. There aren't a lot of movies about that.


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