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Written in Ink
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Fantasy Football Help! Who do I keep!?

Ok Crosstalk - if we're going to keep billing this place as the internet's #1 forum for fantasy football advice, it's time for everybody to step up to the plate.

The situation: 10-team league, 0.5 points per reception. I get to keep three players, 2 of whom* are AJ Green in the 9th round, and Jimmy Graham in the 7th.


So do I keep David Wilson in the 8th round, or Randall Cobb in the 12th? I love Cobb, and the 0.5 PPR helps, but it would be really nice to keep a RB since WRs are plentiful and RBs are scant... Plus Andre Brown broke his leg, so Wilson's going to be the guy in NY.

Ok Crosstalk: do what you were born to do.

*I have no idea how to use the word whom; it may as well be a semi-colon.

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