Pictured is benevolent Sheriff Taylor. He is one of the most recognizable figures in television history, which is why he's been named Justice of the Peace for Crosstalk. Hopefully we'll never have any trouble and Andy can stay down by the fishing hole, but if you need to call the courthouse, here's what you should do.

If you feel someone has given you an inappropriate reply, dismiss the comment.

If the person persists, if you'd like to report a reply to another, if a community member posts something objectionable or inappropriately edits their root post, call Andy.

Now please keep in mind, Andy doesn't do trollpatrol. He thinks sometimes a spirited debate or playing devil's advocate can be fun and he'd much rather play guitar with Denver Pyle and James Best than get involved in every little skirmish, but if there's something that needs to be reported or if you'd like Andy to give a look of disappointment, by all means call and if Sarah can't find him or if a downward gaze isn't enough, you can send a note to help@gawker.com.

To find Sheriff Taylor, we'll employ something similar to the Crosstalk membership post.


Just as the requests for posting privileges will be kept at to make them easy to find, the Sheriff will always be at or any of the other tags and their misspellings, I have put on this post: Andy Taylor, Sheriff Taylor, Andy Griffith, Sheriff, Sherrif, Sherriff, Mayberry, flag and Courthouse. To report a post or poster, all you have to do is punch in followed by any of those terms.



And if you're reporting someone persistent, you should leave or link at least one or more of their comments. (Links to dismissed comments can be found on "private view") When Andy gets the notification, he will delete your report to protect your anonymity.

Now a word to any potential troublemakers in our midst: I'm a volunteer. I do not work for Gawker. I'm located about 1000 miles from their New York office and god knows how far from Budapest. Any trouble you stir will be felt by me and down the road, perhaps one of the volunteer deputies. It will have no effect on Gawker, Nick Denton, the bloggers or John Cook. It will only make unpaid work for me and could have a detrimental effect on our community.


Additional terms, as they evolve are being posted to the Crosstalk Policy tag.

See you at the fishing hole.