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Ferguson on Facebook

I live in a very homogenized (read: white) part of Massachusetts. It's to be expected, I guess, that I will have to associate with the ignorant. Here is a snapshot of an actual conversation I have been having today with one misguided "friend" from the dog park and his various Facebook compatriots.

I'm not sure it's a fight worth fighting. I am not even sure it's a friend worth having at times like these when he pulls shit like this, except that I don't actually think the OP is a racist. I think he simply has lived here his entire life and has very little ability to see beyond his own privilege. Like so many myopic people do, he thinks that because he is working class, that he has been given the same tools and is treated with the same gloves as everyone else. Anyway, enjoy.


For the record, everyone was assigned their own color covering their identities by the program I used to display the snapshot below. I am the first commenter in lilac. It's some shade of purple anyway. Regardless, you will come across my real first name used by one of the others that I am trying to explain shit to. Deal with it.

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