Written in Ink
Written in Ink
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File this Under Too Funny or Ironic

Last night I had about ten more minutes work, so I advanced my way through some clips and trailers for new movies on Hulu. Eventually I came to one for Free the Nipple which the clip description, the movie's site and Wikipedia all say is based on the true story of a campaign for the right of women to be topless in public and against breast censorship.

This is the trailer from Hulu;


Of course after watching the above, I went looking for a red band, but all I could find was the following uncensored teaser which is also the background of the movie site, an official PSA in support of public breastfeeding and a couple of clips.

FWIW: As I've revealed in Gawker Media comments over the years, we did our own variation of "attachment parenting" and both of our children nursed longer than most. We never really experienced any kind of problems or backlash against public nursing which we did with great regularity, but of course my wife and I are pretty certain in all that we do, so it's not like we're the type of people onto which others might try to impose their beliefs.

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