Since my post about how silly warning labels are ended up creating a massive derail, as well as a completely unrelated post on Groupthink, let's actually have a post where the discussion might actually have some basic relevance.

1. Yes, no woman or man should ever be blamed if she or he becomes a rape victim.

2. Yes, there are some things you can do that might slightly lower your chances of getting raped, but nothing will actually prevent it.

3. No, this does not mean you should just not do anything to lower your chances of getting raped. Taking an aspirin every day won't keep you from having a heart attack but if it lowers your chances slightly, why not?

4. No, saying "hey here are some ideas that might lower your chances of becoming a victim" is not victim blaming. It's simply advice and you can take it or leave it.


5. Yes, the only solution to rape is to teach men not to rape. But that will take generations. In the meantime we have to live in the real world and in the real world learning some basic self defense tactics is a good idea for everyone - male and female - not simply to lower the chances of rape but to lower the chances of getting hurt in any way by douchekebabs.