Written in Ink
Written in Ink

This guy is doing a tweet-story of meeting and searching for Bergdahl in Afghanistan. Apparently it devolves into a shit show (I found it because someone in my timeline was threatening to report this guy— NO IDEA WHY, I haven't finished reading the tweets yet), because he is looking for legal advice now. If you scroll down about 8 hours ago, you will find the start of the tweet-action. I know someone in the mainpage comments about this story basically claimed the same things this guy is saying, but this is an alleged first-hand story.

I know that soldiers are angry that this apparent deserter has been freed in return for terrorists and is being treated like a hero, but really, what were we going to do, leave a known POW over there? He's basically served a 5 year prison sentence, so maybe that is punishment enough.


UPDATE: Shit, now people are calling his dad a traitor (I wouldn't call him a traitor for this sentiment necessarily, but it is not the most advised or measured thing to say under current circumstances).

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