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Five Incredible Beatles Songs You Never Heard

Think you've heard them all? These five B-sides, forgotten singles, and amazing covers will blow your mind.

5. Not Guilty

One of the better Harrison songs. The guitars are really something here, and yet because it's on Anthology, an exhaustive release more geared for the mega fan, it's mainly been lost.

4. Rain

Proto-psychedelia at it's best. Ringo's drumming is sensational, the vocal harmonies, the backwards tape at the end, and especially the crunching guitars, are masterful. Martin did one of his best productions on this one too.

3. The Fool On the Hill

Sure, the movie sucked, and this song was sandwhiched next to big hits like "Strawberry Fields Forever," but The Fool never got it's due.

2. Don't Let Me Down

Probably Lennon's best soul song. Who knows why it got skipped on Let it Be?

1. Helter Skelter (Demo)

Sure, everyone knows Helter Skelter, the Beatle's overproduced and somewhat annoying answer to the Rolling Stones. But have you heard the slower, darker, and far more bluesy Anthology version? It makes "Happiness is a Warm Gun" sound like bubblegum.

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