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Reading through some of the Kotaku comments lately has been a surprise to me. So, I wondered what a ranked list of commentariats would look like using a(n imperfectly designed) set of shared criteria. (note: image does not denote ranking, it's just the first image i found with all the sites on it)

I don't read all the sites, but if I was going to rank them on a combination of ((Constructive comments / Total comments) + (Civil comments / Total comments)), I guess this would be my ranking, best to worst. This is not scientific, and I'm happy to be corrected. It's just an off-the-cuff list, so I'd be interested to see yours. Try to provide a thumbnail explanation, as well:

  • io9 (originally i had lifehacker #1, but io9 has a lot more comments, so i changed it)
  • Lifehacker (though, in fairness, LH has a relatively small number of commenter per story)
  • Gawker (i'm a bit of a homer on this, and many days i just hate the comments, but still...)
  • Jalopnik (probably the most conservative commenter community, but they like each other; some might actually rank above Gawker, except i think i'd get killed if i commented there, so i'm deducting points for personal preference)
  • Deadspin (this one makes me nervous; i don't read it enough to know what it's like for women to comment on this site, but most of the 'arguing' seems to stay pretty civil in a sports bar shouting match sort of way)
  • Jezebel (points deducted for tendency to swarm and pick all the meat off the bones of commenters who, figuratively speaking, aren't quite dead yet. tough call here, but I think Jezebel commenters can be a lot funnier than Gizmodo's. otoh, i would not be surprised if some people ranked Jezebel over Deadspin and Jalopnik, so there you are)
  • Gizmodo (people here really don't seem to like each other much at all. also, many of them genuinely seem to believe that people make phone purchasing decisions based on whether or not the phone has a snapdragon chip inside. spoiler: 99.9% of consumers don't care if a phone has a snapdragon processor inside.)
  • Kotaku (it's hit and miss, obvs, but i was surprised at the level of hate in many of the comments here. going into this, i would've thought K would be #1,#2, or #3 on this list. others may think i've just been exposed to a bad batch of comments and i'm being unfair.)

I invite any or all to fix my list.

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