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Flames on the Side of my Face: The Awesome Movie Clue

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I was 16 when I first saw Clue in the movie theater. My best friend and I were the only ones in the theater, which made the experience even better because the movie felt like our own private discovery. I was raised on old movies, including the screwball comedies of the 30s, and Clue was sharp and witty in that style. It was also goofy as hell and full of actors I loved: Tim Curry, Michael McKean, Madeline Kahn, and Eileen Brennan. And more! The actors seemed to be having a great time, too. The movie had three different endings, so my friend and I tracked down each one and saw them all. Then we saw them a few more times just for good measure.


There are so many great lines in the movie, especially in the scene where Madeline Kahn talks about how much she hated another character: "I hated her so much, it...it...it... flames... flames, on the sides of my face." God I miss Madeline Kahn.

Buzzfeed, of all places, did a great long piece on the movie and its cult status. It's pretty awesome and happy-making. Which is the main reason I love Clue so much. When I'm feeling shitty, it makes me happy and shiny and free of flames again.

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