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For some reason this made me lol

Some people here have been wondering about Lena Dunham need for near nudity dictatorship and we did stumble upon this article from Time entertainment from January:

"Dunham's unabashed nudity on the show came up in a Q&A session afterward, as one reporter asked Dunham why she is constantly naked on the show. "Do you have a girlfriend?" Apatow shot back at the reporter. "Does she like you?" Dunham answered the question by saying that the nudity on the show is "a real human expression" and added, "If you're not into me, that's your problem.""

I went and checked out who Apatow is and he looked to old to be going through "puberty" and I didn't find Dunham's answer fulfilling because on one hand she is fighting against the notion that every single girl should look like Barbie and on the other hand 80 percent of the show is just fat jokes.


From here:

Nybro Action Team Girl's recap


And there is a nugget of truth—while it's great that Lena is so comfortable, the fat jokes kind of ruin the effect.

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