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Forcibly Annex Duke Into the UNC School System

As this article in the always-better-than-Daily-Currant The Onion points out, rich students do in fact subsidize scholarships for needy. Well, they would if rich students didn't hog all the scholarships too.

In this awesome NYT article, it's pointed out that students who receive merit-based scholarships are usually from a wealthy family who would have no problems covering their kids' college education anyways. However, it is pointed out that financial aid is incredibly critical to poor students' graduation rates.


Furthermore, private universititities have inherently higher reputation in the professional HR world. Therefore, the university/state college dichotomy that currently exists is inherently biased against students from poor families, and should be subject to tuition controls by a regulatory body, ideally one that doesn't involve Art Pope.

Tuition at nationally recognized "good schools" should not require those without a six digit college fund to do porn and be renowned as bad feminists in order to afford to put themselves through school. According to Google, on-campus tuition for Duke has risen to $60,563 for the coming year, despite a massive endowment for their athletics program. More critically, it should be noted that Duke did not win.


Also, seriously, Fuck Duke™.


Fuck Maryland and that fucking turtle too.

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