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Life and work have been keeping me busy, though I have been distracted somewhat by the Gawker meltdown and as a result, I haven’t been visiting the other communities nearly as much. I had seen the post on the ObservationDeck, but just now I finally clicked, which lead me to go back and reload Nick’s Kinja post.

I think it’s interesting to note that in response to the thread in which Charlie Jane and Annalee participated, the (former?) Editorial Operations Coordinator — who had been recruited by Joel and stayed on for Tommy — replied that Annalee’s reading of the offending post was “dumb”.

Not only can that be seen as defense of the initial post, but considering that she’s supposed to be something of a go-between for the Editorial Director and the Editorial Staff, it was a pretty impolitic response. If she hasn’t already resigned, she should think about it. Even if she disagreed, Annalee’s measured comment deserved a better reply.


From Leah Finnegan’s livetweet of today’s “all hands”;


It’s probably also worth noting that she’s the one who changed “Best of Kinja” from a curated list to whatever was showing on Chartbeat when she looked.

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