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Fox Does It Again

(AP) - Fox News was battling a potential public relations nightmare this weekend after on air personality Megyn Kelly commented that Samuel L. Jackson is white.

"It's time the liberal media stops pretending that Samuel L. Jackson is black," Kelly said. "He is well spoken. He is affluent. He is successful in his career. Clearly Mr. Jackson is, like all god fearing real Americans, white."

Jackon's attorneys quickly demanded that Fox News retract the statement and take action against Kelly.

"Get that (slang word) woman off your (slang word) station," Jackson himself said in a prepared statement. "I have been called many terrible things in my time by nobody has ever gone so low as to accuse me of being white. Like Jesus, I stand by my skin color and my culture."

Fox News representatives said they would not comment on the issue until they had time to do detailed research into Jackson's racial background.

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