Fuck. France has made it illegal to protest in favor of Palestine. This on a weekend when tens of thousands of pro-Palestinian protestors were supposed to march in Paris. What a clusterfuck.

You know what the the best way to piss off angry demonstrators is - tell them not to demonstrate. You know they will march anyway. All this does it make sure that the police have to try to arrest them, which means fighting in the street, tear gas and water cannons.

In other words the law is just going to make things worse.

Yes. I know these demonstrators are scary. I was sitting at a cafe last weekend when they turned up screaming "Death to America, Death to the Jews!" But they didn't hurt anybody - and until they actually hurt someone they should be allowed to march.

Beyond that, even if this one group turns out to have bad apples in it, banning all pro-Palestinian groups from marching is going way too far. Believe it or not there are plenty of non-violent people who would like to march because they want to express their beliefs.

The fuck up is that you won't hear from those people now- France is just creating the violence they claim they want to avoid.