After the season finale of RHOA, my DVR decided to record "Watch What Happens Live" (no idea why it did this; I honestly thought the season finale was a hour and a half long and was totally excited.) I was about to delete it, because I'm kind of indifferent to Nene, but she started talking about Cynthia so I grabbed some wine.

Make no mistake: I know Nene is hypocritical and I know she can be messy. But she did say that after the episode aired where she called Peter a bitch, she and Cynthia stopped talking (not by choice but it sounds like neither one wanted to be first to break the ice.) Then she said that she feels Cynthia just goes whichever the wind is blowing and latches on to whomever she's filming with at the time (this may not be entirely accurate, seeing as I watched it last night while drinking BUT I know the "wind blows" comment is right.)

Nene is absolutely right with Cynthia's fair-weatherness. I really couldn't figure out where some of the hate regarding Cynthia was coming from but after this season, it's pretty apparent she's just like Peter. Her fence-straddling isn't to keep the peace; it's to see which side she'll eventually be on.

Not that Nene isn't two-faced as well. But I had to agree with her about that and what she said about the Kenya/Porsha fight.