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From the Archives: Alex Pareene and the Cheating Spouse

For the record, I’ve always been a fan of Pareene and maybe he and the cheating spouse are still a couple. Once they were outed, Google shows they weren’t very secretive about their relationship and from the sound of their Twitters, they’re still friendly if not together, but recent events caused me to look-up an old story that (I believe) her former spouse posted a couple of times in the pinks hoping to embarrass them. (The comments were deleted within a day or two of being posted and no matter how I search, I’m not finding them archived today.)

Though the now-deleted pink comments were interesting enough that I remember them eight years later, the real story took place on the website of Washington’s City Paper.


In reply to a post about a woman coming home with her boyfriend (Alex Pareene) at 2:30 AM to find a finger-wielding twenty year-old robbing her apartment, a person using their real name commented that he’s “hearing confirmed reports that the woman in this story is my wife”. When the Minneapolis City Pages later recapped the story as “Local Boy Gone Bad”, they said Pareene had been friends with the unsuspecting spouse and because things had become so uncomfortable for him in DC, the celebrated blogger moved back to New York.

Now, I’m not one to judge and because they were reportedly dating years later, maybe it was fate or something that brought them together. If that’s the case, great. God knows, back before I met my wife and was still single, I didn’t let another person’s marital status stand in my way, but events over the past couple of days reminded me of the story. So, I thought I’d post it here because by all appearances, though the info serves no useful purpose, it could be “true”.

(Image via NYObserver)

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