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What Causes Change and Redevelopment - One Idea from the Mainpage

From this discussion thread.

redacted > TheWaterbear

Today 10:40am

Totally agree about the Delta. I just visited Clarksdale, Greenville and Greenwood. Lot of Teach for America people have stayed and really given those towns a makeover. I'd love to live in the Delta.

redacted > TheWaterbear

Today 10:41am

Oh man, the Delta is an interesting theory. I wonder if Fat Possum has been trying to nudge that by signing all those Pitchfork-approved bands? It'd be interesting to see if that did happen. White people already love that area.


I dunno.

Maybe this is no big deal, but it really rubs me the wrong way knowing that some kid with (probably? hopefully?) good intentions earnestly believes that everything would turn around if only some college educated young people bereft of melanin would swoop in and just be there.

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