Written in Ink
Written in Ink
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Fuck Jezebel, Fuck Madeline Davies

I suppose I should have stayed off the internet today. I didn’t watch Game of Thrones last night. I always watch it on Mondays. Lots of people do this. This is why most people employ a spoiler tag or warning keeping people away from clicking on a story or forcing a person to click a link inside of a story to reveal more text.

The big news today was that something big happened to someone. I won’t go into any more detail, though what happened has already been spoiled in headlines numerous times.

“You won’t believe who ____!”

“Did [SPOILER] really ____?”

On Gawker’s own page: “You know who _____”

Cut to Jezebel and Madeline Davies bucking the trend! So unique this one. She takes the opposite approach and names the character but not the shocking thing that happened. Thanks a lot, fuckhead.


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