This wasn't something I planned on writing. I was having fun laughing at hypocrisy and, I was going to leave it at that. Then this happened.

The NeoGaf thread was itself, not that interesting. It's basically like we do here in the subs: Find an article, write a post about it, start discussion. What makes this special is when Kotaku's Jason Schreier makes an appearance. That's when he decided that he should defend Kotaku. Being a games blogger, he, like the others, have selective memory when it comes to the clickbait they post as it was shown very quickly. Some back and forth happened then Schreier decided that it would be wise to post a link of my favorite article, "Shut Up About Clickbait". Yes, even after someone posted some of their clickbait headlines.

So, what is clickbait? Clickbait is a term used for when an article uses a headline that has a big probability of making you click. You're probably saying, "That's what it's supposed to do" and you would be right. I personally don't have a problem with clickbait. I know it when I see it so seeing "All Asian Men Are Angry" let's me know that it's probably some bullshit that I don't want to read. That part is sad because that article was sort of alright. How many other decent articles have I passed up though because of clickbait headlines.

The problem here is that too many people around Gawker Media are pretending that this isn't the case. You can't pee on our face and say you're R. Kelly. (That's how the saying goes, right?) We know when you're trying to get as many clicks as you can. So please, stop pretending that putting out an "article" titled "Black People Are Cowards" (not linking that one because fuck you Scrubboy Sellout) at the height of publicized racism was supposed to be thought provoking. It was to get as many people to click as you could. And at over 1.3 million views, you got what you wanted. And don't think we don't know what you wanted.