Written in Ink
Written in Ink

So I'm trying to catch up on True Detective—a great show about the most tired of genres, the serial killer show—and watching it On Demand. I want to watch the latest two episodes back to back, but can't go through the first. Why? Because the reception keeps stopping and pixelating, that it appears many times that it's a Cubist melding of art and TV show. So I rewind that scene and start again. It keeps happening. Rewind another scene and start again. Still going on. One scene I can make out enough dialogue but another scene I can't. I give up. Right now a 65 minute episode is most of the way done but I've abandoned it in the hopes that it will be smooth once I go back to it.

In other countries, cable bills are low, due to regulation and competition. Not here! All the celebrities who are doing that terrible TWC commercial should publicly apologize. Well, the only bright side of the upcoming merger for me will be getting rid of cable and Internet and going back to a simpler state of nature where I can read books and go outdoors. That's the only bright side.


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