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Fuck You: Watching Cooking Shows and That's It.

Entry 9: Only Watching Cooking Shows. Not doing any damn cooking of their recipes.

First off let me state that I love my parents. Nothing will ever change that. But they have a very annoying habit: they love to watch cooking shows. What's wrong with that, you say? Well, they only watch cooking shows, not actually get inspired or motivated to cook the delicious things they see on screen. I don't know if this particular quirk is theirs alone, or there are thousands, if not millions, who are content merely to watch food porn, and not participate in it. (Wait a minute, that came out grosser that I thought.) I mean, you have all these delectable recipes made easy (they tell you so!) by world famous chefs, and you don't want to do the thing that food is for: eat it? That's like Hugh Hefner giving up sex for a lifetime of onanism using his magazine. It doesn't make any sense, people! Watch your shows, marvel at the food, imagine it in your mouth—and then go to the kitchen and make it! Not me though; I'm not a good cook.


So a Fuck You to people, including my parents, who just watch cooking shows without doing the cooking.

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