A 46-year old man stood at his pickup truck waving a gun around and intentionally shot an 8-year old kid in the face:

Maiden’s grandmother said that the boy was outside playing with other children when he ran inside to get some toys. The child was shot as he went back outside. “He hit the ground when the guy shot him,” said grandmother Sharon Locklin. “Then, he got up and ran to the house and asked his mom for water, and his mom saw all the blood coming out.”

Residents said that they do not know what may have led to such unexpected violence. “I’m coming to pick up my son from work and I come back to this. What is going on? They say a kid mouth was shot off,” said startled neighbor Mae Anderson. “I’m like, who would do this? What bad stuff could he have done for someone to do that to him.”

I love that question: "What bad stuff could he have done for someone to do that to him," as if there is a thing in the world bad enough that an 8-year old could do that would justify him being shot in the face.

The kid is in critical but stable condition and is expected to survive.

Not to body snark, but shit, this man must have lived a hard 46 years.