Written in Ink
Written in Ink

Former Gawker traffic wonder Neetzan Zimmerman says the rivalry between his former employer and Buzzfeed has nothing to do with today's announcement that the listicle site will assign fifteen bloggers to mining Whisper for potential content, such as "19 Brutally Honest Teacher Confessions" and "23 Disgusting Roommate Stories".

I believe him, not only due to his claim that the deal had been in the works before he joined Whisper, but because to believe otherwise, you'd have to think Nick Denton might want a lot of those kinds of posts. Maybe for a "Recruit" or another vertical, but even with the occasional "Pies, Ranked", one would think they would do damage to any of his established brands.


I don't know what kind of interoffice relations existed and the idea that they may have gone downhill over Neetzan's last few months is mostly my invention, but I do believe that if he finds this kind of traffic valuable, it's probably best that he's moved on to other things. He did have a knack for creating viral stories and maybe these kinds of listicles could be a guilty pleasure, but fifteen bloggers trying to aggregate anonymous confessions are going to generate a lot of crap.

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