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Written in Ink
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FWD: It has been snowing in Kiev.

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My father was on a short business trip to Kiev this week, and I asked him to email me something about what he saw there. This is what he wrote:

Kiev, 21st-22nd of January.

According to the media a total war-zone. On location, outside the two squares, normal life goes on as usual. Because of the snow the streets are in a state of chaos, traffic having slowed down to a crawl. Somewhere, two tow-trucks had gotten stuck trying to make it up the same hill. Luckily the car I was driven around in was a four-wheel drive, so we could continue onward, but still very slowly.

Here, a convoy of snowplows is sent out after the snowfall in over, not while it is still coming down. The street cleaners, "shovel men" clear the sidewalks by throwing the snow on the road to wait for the convoy of plows to come.

Offices and restaurants are open as usual and people are at work. Productivity is down though, due to everyone keeping an ear on the ground for what is happening at those two squares. The locals were reluctant to comment on the events to a foreigner like myself, other than saying: "this should end soon and peace return".


Translated into English, edited a little for clarity and published on the condition of not bringing up his name etc. My dad's no Nomadikat, but I think my response to the critics of her Bangkok post applies here as well, to some extent at least.

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