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So this weekend, I decided to go on a GoT bender and watched all the tv shows this weekend. I then proceeded to have a conversation with a non-book reading buddy and we had a great time conversing about the show.

Now I have read all of the books,(multiple times), George R.R. is a sick fuck that made us wait 7 fucking years for a book 5 that gave my blue balls, blue balls.


Here is my point. If you like the books fine, if you like the show, fine; But for the fucking love of everything holy keep it to yourself. I can not stand fucking book snobs talking about how the hookers didn't have speaking roles, and I can't stand the book readers pointing out the obvious plot holes that the show misses.

I guess I just love both for different reasons, I just can't stand the fascist that have to say they are right all the time.

I mean the show has soft core porn too it, and blood. I don't know a single fucking guy that can't get on board for some boobs, and blood, and still keep your woman interested in the show. This much I love about the show.

I love the books because the attention to detail, the food, the importance of simple things that play out over several storylines and the butterfly effect of the decisions that all the players have.


You can like one or the other, or if you're me you can like both. Just remember to STFU if you are talking to somebody on the other side of the tracks, because you will both be wrong.

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