Written in Ink
Written in Ink
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Gawker Hearts Crosstalk

First came AJ, who hated commenters, Crosstalk, cat gifs, and cliques (he does, however, like cocaine and Cat Marnell, so it's safe to assume he isn't specifically biased against words that start with the letter C).

Then came Powwow, and with it, a goatse-tsunami of porn and pictures of dead animals that left Crosstalk empty and lifeless.

Now comes Kinja Crosstalk, rising up like a flower from the ground fertilized by Old Crosstalk's corpse.

Gawker loves you again, Crosstalk! Doesn't it feel good to be resurrected? Do you feel the warmth of Denton's good graces as you would the sun on your skin? Bring on the celebratory cat gifs!


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