While the last iteration was my favorite I have begun to get accustomed to the newest. My technical issues as well as like and dislikes. (I comment on iPad/iPhone). Please note like/dislike is purely personal and no one should give a rats ass about it.

{T - technical; L - like; D - dislike}

L - The Wolverine scar on the top right. It sure as hell ain't intuitive, but if you know what it does, it works well. Though, I would think that goes against everything Denton is about - new eyeballs and all.
T - The advertising/slash top stories on the left side is wonky.
T - If a comment has more than 10 replies, you have to hit private view while already on the private view page to see all who starred you (and even that does not always work.) Yes I am that vain, deal with it.
D - I cannot dislike this enough. Commenting features such as embedding link into text and all the features that were made simple have been rescinded. This is by far by biggest gripe with the new change.
T/D - When you are banned, your whole entire commenting history is banned. I understand bannings and since they are usually for a specific comment, I understand if that vanishes. But why does everything in your history now go with it. Banned a few weeks ago and my COTD's from 2011 were erased. Just awkward.
L - But I do like they have included older post into your history (though it does seem incomplete.) Plus now discussions on older stories are no longer closed.
L - Included in the new reboot is an upgraded Neetzanbot. He is finally more interesting and I even laughed at a joke he made. Had to recheck byline and everything.
D - Last Gawker commenting section respected me for what I was, the best commenter here. And always put my comments on top. Now I am a lowly heathen relegated to steerage. Respect me bitches. (Alright, that dislike was more personal to me and not system wide.)
D - Would prefer to have pages (1,2,3 etc.) than show more comments button, so that you can jump further into your commenting past, quicker. Or someone else's comment history for that matter.
L - That Farrah Abraham's porn article always makes it into Top Stories at night time. It's the little things in life that make me happy.
L - The ability to share comments or articles, though it is a feature I will likely never use.
L - We can see tags again by clicking on tag (I think this one is an iPad/iPhone issue)
T - Star and discussion counter on private view page is incorrect many times.

Please feel free to add others in comment section. Just use legend (T/L/D).