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Written in Ink
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Gawker Max: Where the f*ck am I? What the f*ck is this???

So...somebody help me understand what's gone down on Gawker the last few days. Are we back to having commenter moderators? I notice on the main page there's a thing that says:

7 discussions displayed because an author is participating or following a participant.


How or why did it come to pass that the editors are following specific commenters? Were they told to choose certain commenters to follow before the redesign? Or do they follow them for the sake of one comment and then unfollow them (because there are some burner comments that make it to bold text)? Or do they just "approve" specific comments?

And what does recommending something do? I've made comments over the past few days that suddenly go from grey to black without me receiving any notice that it had been recommended or that I'd been followed. And I've also made comments that have been recommended dozens of times without ever turning from grey to black.


Did I fail to learn the secret handshake? Am I sometimes doing it without knowing? Is Kinja counting how many times I mutter "fuck you, Nick Denton" at my monitor and punishing me accordingly?

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

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