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Gawker Media Tweets During 2013 Emmy Awards

Three cheers for the 2013 Gawker Emmy® livebloggers. I've liveblogged once or twice and have livetweeted a few times, neither of which is an easy thing to do, so they should be commended. It also didn't help that Kinja was inaccessible for a while and the format isn't as conducive to commenter participation as it has been in the past, plus they decided to do it on Defamer, which doesn't have as many non-gray commenters as Gawker and the other blogs.

At some point, probably during a debate, I've suggested a technological solution, but now that Twitter has become so ubiquitous that many use it for their Gawker logins, another possible solution would be a custom hashtag with the tweets curated and later storified.


As a sampling and because I think it would be of interest to someone, I've storified the Emmy®-related tweets of the current Gawker Media staff and those from others they chose to retweet during the broadcast and am embedding it, below.

There used to be a Storify embed here, but Storify doesn’t exist anymore

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