Sorry to only post on Crosstalk to whine about Gawker, but here goes.

Complaint #1: There is not enough red meat on the weekends. I can't read Gawker at work. It seems that during the week there is a constant stream of interesting articles, but on the weekends we get bupkis. I understand that the weekly news cycle makes Sunday the worst day for news, but they could do better. I have an idea. How about this: on weekends Gawker promotes good articles from the week that haven't received much attention? Wouldn't that work?

Why do all of the writers at Gawker seem to work a standard work week?

Complaint #2: Why can't I find sub-blogs? I'm not interested in the blogs that are in the left drop-down menu under "related blogs". That stuff is all crap. I want to find the weird-0 Kinja blogs that madmen and madwomen put together. Why isn't there an big old dump of Kinja sub-blog that I can get to easily?

Complaint #3: Why can't I add blogs to my "user dropdown" on the right-hand side. Right now, only blogs that have followed me can be found there. I'm not interested in writing in "Clashtalk", but I would like to read it.

Complaint #4: Why can't I easily go to a page for someone I follow and see all of their comments and posts? I have found some REALLY FUNNY commenters and I would like to just go to their page and see what they do every day. The only way I seem to be able to do it is to go to the "following" (lefthand navigation/not always there) and "private" view (righthand navigation) , both of which are PAINFULLY FUCKING SLOW. Why can't there be a page, or dropdown, where I see all of those that I am following so I can pick JUST ONE to read?

The social media and community aspirations of Kinja are frustrated by the clunky navigation. It's too bad. I've found a lot of people who are totally worth reading. I just can't find what they have written.