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Gaza Genocide- We Need To Talk About It

I realize that this may (will) be a very controversial post to many, but I can't in good conscience not make it. I'm sitting here in my new home, worried about getting my new utilities figured out and working out my registration transfers, name changes for my marriage, etc. Yet the people of Gaza are sitting inside the rubble of their open air prison, wondering if they'll even be alive tomorrow to worry about living through another torturous day of hell.

It is not anti-Semitic to admit that what Israel is doing cannot be excused. They are in complete violation of international law, not to mention the scars to their own honor, integrity and pride. This is no defense operation. This is genocide.

I could go on and on, but I'm too upset from what I've seen so far. And the silence from the media is deafening. Check out this video for more information, or go on Tumblr or Twitter and search under the hashtag #Gaza.


One recommendation first, though: Do that only with an empty stomach. Trust me.

ETA: This is just horrifying. They're cheering when the bombs go off.

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