So two days ago I woke up with my back hurting more than it's ever hurt before - but becasue I have sciatica assumed it was just acting up because of cold weather/humidity. By last night, however, it was clear something else was wrong (puking, not being able to eat, not being able to sleep, feeling super cold, etc...)

Went to my doctor this morning and he told me that I have a new strain of flu that's' going around and super contagious. He said he got his first case on Friday but by monday was up to 15 for the day and over 30 on Tuesday.

He said the problem is because it starts with back pain and no other symptoms people aren't realizing they have the flu and taking some sick days so they avoid infecting other people.

Anyway, just wanted to pass this on in case some of the people here woke up with back pain this morning and are shrugging it off.

Sorry this is poorly structured, but I'm high as a kite on various pain pills, muscle relaxants and other assorted pills he gave me for the various symptoms.