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"Gentlemen--To Evil"

Submitted for your approval, the tale of one Tyrone Hayes, a biology professor at UC Berkeley, whose work with frogs landed him in some very hot water. You see, the good professor was working on the effects of an herbicide, one called atrazine. The creator of atrazine is Syngenta, a multibillion dollar agribusiness company. You can guess what happened next. The corporation did not take too kindly to Dr. Hayes research, showing sexual hormone disruptions and genital changes in the frogs. So the behemoth set out to discredit the good doctor whenever it could, setting up oppo research and plans, going after his personal life and impugning his mental state, planting stories in the media questioning his research, following him in talks and planting a fake member of the audience who would ask him leading critical questions. Why? Because atrazine is a money maker and found in drinking water. The E.P.A, influenced by industry funded research, as incompetent, apparently, as the CIA, cast doubt on the many studies going against the chemical. It has continually refused to ban it, unlike the EU. Dr. Hayes, naive soul that he was, initially thought science could be above such mendacity and greed. But, he just entered....The Twilight Zone.


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