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George Zimmerman Agrees to Fight Rapper The Game in Real Life Celebrity Death Match

George Zimmerman, notorious self-defense enthusiast and 3-time reigning champ of assaulting his wife has agreed to fight in a celebrity boxing match should someone, anyone of medicore fame want to kick his ass.

We have a contender, ladies and gentlemen. Per TMZ, The Game has agreed to fight the recently acquitted, arrested, and somehow not incarcerated Zimmerman:

"I would not be boxing for me, I'd be boxing for the legacy of Trayvon Martin and for his family."

"I would box him to knock him out."

"I would definitely take pleasure in it. It's legal, and I want to show him you can solve your disputes without a weapon."


The Game, born Jayceon Terrell Taylor and used to be called "Stretch" by his friends and family because of his height, is 6'5" and weighs in around 240 lbs. In August of last year, he got a tattoo of Trayvon Martin on his right leg.

I trust that Gawker Media will be on top of this must-see, not-at-all exploitative event, which Damon Feldman, the promoter responsible for this glorious, totally-not-shameful shitshow, will take place on March 1st of this year.

Feldman has not yet responded for comment about whether or not Zimmerman will be allowed to shoot The Game point blank after the seemingly self-flagellating Florida Man goes down late in the first.

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