I just had to spend $250 on Tamiflu, and that's with health insurance, because everyone in my house has Influenza B. Aren't you glad we're online friends.

Why did none of us get a flu shot? Lots of stupid reasons. Laziness. Thinking "I never get the flu because I'm special." And also, yes, a little nagging fear that shot-haters are right and the flu shot will kill you. But mostly, inertia.

Those in my house who got the Tamiflu early may be able to avoid too much discomfort. But the two who have it are miserable — high fever, vomiting, aches and pains, cough, congestion, wheezing. Thank God nobody in our house is a baby or an old person.

I've only gotten a flu shot once in my life, and it was because I was at work and my posse was all getting it so I tagged along. I've been lucky to avoid the flu, or only get mild cases.

But Wednesday her luck ran out. That's how I'd write it if I were writing this as a dramatic feature story. And then I'd say something about how we plunged into a nightmare of fevers and pain.

But really, we just have the flu and it sucks for a few days, and then hopefully will be over.


It's not worth the risk, though. This feels sucky. Get your flu shot, people!