This story is amazing to me. As an infant, this girl's face was badly mauled by a raccoon that got into her crib. After countless surgeries, she seems extremely well-adjusted and she's been growing an ear on her arm, to be transplanted onto her head 'in case she wants to wear glasses'. From the Detroit Free Press:

For the past two months, 12-year-old Charlotte Ponce has been growing an ear — one shaped from cartilage around her ribs — on her right forearm.

This week, a decade after a pet raccoon mauled her face as she lay in her crib, the Spring Lake girl will have the new ear extracted from her arm and attached to the side of her head in the last of a series of major surgeries to rebuild much of her face.

The pet raccoon had climbed into infant Charlotte's crib for a bottle that had been left with the baby, said Sharon Ponce. Most likely, the milk had trickled down the baby's face, Ponce said.

"The pet raccoon got into the house, and she had a bottle propped up in her mouth. And we assume that the raccoon was after the milk, because it ate her nose all the way back to her ear," she said.

"She was lucky to survive," she added.

Ponce, 54, and her husband, Tim, 63, a factory worker, gained custody of the infant after the attack. The state terminated the biological parents' rights.