Today in Honeyville:

—I facilitated a professional development roundtable session, which I thought was pretty good relative to the other sessions (a very low bar).

—We came to a final agreement with the seller and found out that we are really, really for real closing on our first house next week.

—I did a whole lot of other shit that amounted to adulting like a motherfucking boss.

—I requested Chili's for dinner and HomeyHeart agreed (which is weird and weirder, since we both typically hate it).

—I drank one of these monstrosities:


—Because I only ingest alcohol on a semi-annual or, if I'm feeling frisky, quarterly basis, I got WASTED. On a margarita. At 5:30 pm. At Chili's.

—I made the command decision that tomorrow = movie day in my classes.

I hope y'all had an equally productive and wonderful day. I'm off to catch the last half of Wheel of Fortune.