Written in Ink
Written in Ink
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Goats, Hippies, Quakers and Thugs

I just read the two installments of Jason Vaughn's "Letters from the West" on theWest.gawker and if anyone is looking for something to read, I suggest starting with the oldest of the planned series, then the second. They are feature writing about his life and I thought interesting tales.

Also, if you're not worn out from the news this week, I think the demilitarization of law enforcement could be something achieved in the short run, if we keep-up the call.


Patrick George and Adam Weinstein have both posted on this subject for a couple of the Gawker Media blogs, as have others and in between the discussion of race, it was the topic of the week. This morning's op-ed in the NYTimes ("Get the Military Off of Main Street") actually plays well with the one from the editorial board. It was written by Elizabeth Beavers and Michael Shank of the Friends Committee for National Legislation and they have written a few other things on this subject, plus have a link to an ACLU report.

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