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Good reporting from Baltimore Sun on the Freddie Gray investigation

Investigators tried to determine what had happened during the foot and bicycle chase that preceded the takedown of Gray. Did he fall? Had Gray been in a fight prior to the arrest? Was the Internet rumor about an insurance settlement for a car accident true (it was not). When was he sitting and when was he “prone,” without a seat belt, in the van?

Task force members continued to investigate all possibilities even though they felt confident that Gray had suffered a “catastrophic injury” while being taken from the arrest at Gilmor Homes to the Western District police station. They discovered that the van’s video camera was broken and that one of the officers during the transport said Gray had “jailitis” — a faked illness — when he complained about his condition.

And they spent many hours retracing the actions of Officer Caesar R. Goodson, Jr., the wagon driver. Goodson, the investigators said, had heard Gray ask for medical help a number of times — a key factor in the charges Mosby would bring against him. Still, there were gaps along the route where no video or witness statements existed.


The investigators sought to understand why Goodson had made a stop that was discovered in a review of video camera footage. All they could determine was that Goodson looked into the back of the van, but did not touch Gray. But they wondered: Were there other stops?

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