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Google controls your emotions - but in a non-evil way?

With all of the (negative) attention Facebook's been receiving for it's totally-legal-because-you-clicked-accept-no-really-read-the-agreement study on manipulating the emotions of its users, is it at all surprising that Google does the same thing every day?


At the height of this year's World Cup, NPR covered a story on Google's inner workings, and Google employees matter-of-factly explained that their jobs are to steer major news events into a positive direction by having really malicious-sounding hits show up later in Google searches, and nicer hits show up first. For example, during the World Cup, Google analysts looked at which terms had the most searches during the Brazil-Germany match, and decided which terms should actually be "trending," and which shouldn't.

From NPR:


Google is essentially deciding whether happy stories or sad stories show up more, and in the process, trying to influence the general mood of various national populations.

So what Facebook was attempting with a limited study, Google has employees handling on a daily basis.


Hmmm... the Ministry of Truth would be proud.

[via NPR's All Tech Considered]

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