On Monday, Google "flash funded" all teacher requests from the Los Angeles Unified and Seattle area school districts on DonorsChoose.org. Last week, they fully funded the requests from Kansas City and Austin area schools, while the week prior, they covered DC's teachers' requests. In August, they teamed with Staples for Chicago and in May, they did Atlanta.

Also in May, News Corp covered Brooklyn's requests and Staples has spread a million dollar donation over the requests from Portland, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, Boston/Cambridge, Manhattan, Atlanta and DC in a promotion they're doing with Katy Perry's tour.

A back of the envelope calculation shows that Google has thus far donated more than $2.5m, benefiting more than 240,000 students in 2300 classrooms. The News Corp donation fulfilled the requests of 207 teachers and Staples' million dollars has helped 576 classrooms.

If you're a big city teacher, I suggest you register with DonorsChoose.
(Everyone else, maybe there's a local project you can fund)

(Additional videos, including some with more kids are available on YouTube)