From The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: Wealthy Wisconsin businessman Michael Eisenga has been unable to find a judge who will cut his substantial child support payments under current law.

So Eisenga is doing the courts one better.

Eisenga — a major donor to Republican politicians — has found a GOP lawmaker to rewrite the law for him.

"This stinks," said Michael Collins, lawyer for Eisenga's ex-wife. "It's buying justice — if you call it justice."

In a set of drafting documents, Eisenga and his attorney, William A. Smiley, can be seen offering line-by-line instructions in emails, notes and letters to Rep. Joel Kleefisch's staff on a bill aimed at capping how much high earners pay in child support.

Under current law, judges determine child-support payments based on a percentage of annual income and, in some cases, assets. Kleefisch's bill would cap the amount of income subject to child support to $150,000 a year — and assets could not be used in the calculation.

Contained within the bill is also a financial trigger that could allow the multimillionaire to reopen his case.