Written in Ink
Written in Ink

Last night, I suggested using posts heavy with naked female pics to compare online translation services. Today, it's the obviously successful viral ad for KFC which is all over everything. If your bloggers claim or pretend it's real, then you might not want to trust them on anything else. If they leave out that it's limited to just 100 units or that it's only being sold by one florist, who's most likely getting some kind of pay or kickback for their participation, or if your blogger conflates them too much with KFC or Yum!, I believe it should be taken into consideration when looking at the veracity of their other posts.

There's nothing wrong with posting something fun and a lot of people love chicken, so I'm not faulting anyone for posting the video. I would do it myself and to some extent I'm doing it here. What I'm suggesting is that if they're too ignorant to see that it's just a viral advertising campaign or if they're willing to feign ignorance, then pretty much everything else they report should be taken with a grain of salt.


And now, because the KFC viral is literally everywhere, here's the chicken dance.

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