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Over the years, Sports Illustrated has used great site design for the "Swimsuit Edition" website and while I'm not as impressed with this year's layout as I have been in years past, the content is still very captivating and you can lose hours on the site.

It's also interesting to note that all of the model videos seem to have embed codes which makes them freely-distributable, but apparently due to naming conventions you can only put one per post and the player width is too large for Kinja 1.1 comments, while they may be acceptable in 1.2.


Update: A test via Oppolock shows that other videos can be in re-tops. (In this case, Kate Bock) This means, for example, if someone wanted, they could put a model's photo shoot video in a post to their own Kinja, then re-top it with the model's profile.

2nd Update: io9 has pics and video of Kate Upton's zero-gravity shoot.


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